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Upcoming books by Jennifer T. Freeman:

     coming in August, 2021:

Upper Bronx

In the near future, New York City's Bronx is divided into the Upper and Lower halves. The Lowers are forbidden to cross the line, and it's Detective Walter Cray's job to make sure they don't. Yet a dangerous addictive drug is getting into the Upper somehow.


As I was driving south on the Upper Bruckner Expressway my cruiser radio beeped a short melody, with the codes for immediate action required, me, and linebreaker. I clicked the ACK button and on came the voice of 'Celia, the dispatcher.

"Gotcha a linebreaker on the Bruckner" she said. "'Think he's going to get off at White Plains. Go get 'im."

"ATC working?" I asked.

"You betcha. Automated Traffic Control has set the speed to 25, and enough drivers are actually obeying it so that the traffic jam is starting. Queueing picture." ...

     coming in February, 2022:

The Theory of
Organizing Everything

a quantum approach
to finally getting
organized at last

Combining her own experience, research, and the computer-efficient methods she learned from her previous career, the author has created a system that covers all the aspects of organizing your business, office, home, or life.

The Big Bang – Where did this mess come from?

Many scientists believe that 13.6 billion years ago, the entire universe was empty except for a single spot, much smaller than a pinpoint, that contained everything our big, modern universe contains now. This tiny point, very hot and unbelievably dense, exploded and expanded until it became all the stars, planets, comets, asteroids, and interstellar dust we see today....

As you look around your home or workplace, you too may see an expanding, complicated mess. When did it get this way? It didn't happen overnight. You and those around you surely contributed to the mess over a period of years and it's not going to go away anytime soon. ...

     coming in June, 2022:


Earth's sun is dying -- in 350 years. Scientists have no way to stop the coming nova, but there is a planet, circling around Pollux, that may be suited for human life. Can Earth's population be moved there before it's too late?

"And this is it." said Dr. Fagen, "The Inouye Solar Telescope!"

"I didn't realize, Ted, that it would be so big."

"A big target needs a big telescope, Tiff." ...

Heinrich Lopez spoke. "As you know, we have discovered a little problem. Our job here is to decide what, if anything we can do about it. Ted, why don't you go ahead."

"Gentlemen: our sun is going to go nova. In 350 years."

"So what?" said Frank Troy. "By that time, we will all be long gone."

"But what of our great-great-great-grandchildren? What we decide today will decide if they cook to death or survive." replied Tiffany. ...

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